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Christmas Appeal

Giving in the Spirit of the Season!


While 2020 has been an unusual and challenging year for our community, your Yarmouth Hospital Foundation has been pressing forward diligently to meet ongoing and urgent needs for new equipment and support systems at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. As Christmas and year-end approach, we are asking residents and businesses to help us to further bring the Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) up to par with the quality of care across Nova Scotia.

Our hospital serves Digby, Shelburne and Yarmouth County patients yet is the only regional hospital in the province without ceiling lifts for its seven-bed ICU unit. The $131,675 investment to buy theses standard lifts will also include one specialized ceiling lift.

ICU manager Debra Theriault says critically ill patients on this unit often have difficulty with mobility. She notes that lifts will improve staff safety by reducing injuries from lifting and repositioning patients and will be a more positive experience by increasing the dignity and comfort of patients. “With limits to available skilled health care professionals and increased disability and injury rates among health care employees, organizations must strive to create a culture focused on safety,” said Debra.

The Foundation fully anticipates this annual Christmas Appeal to our community will allow the purchase of needed lifts for critically ill patients and their caregivers. Early and frequent mobilization has become a standard of care to enhance the benefits associated with changes in positions even for critically ill patients. A readily available ceiling lift will support this practice to the benefit of our ICU patients.

Already this year, the Foundation Board has approved extra support for telemedicine and video conference equipment for the Cancer Care unit to help alleviate travel to Halifax for patients, particularly important during the ongoing stresses of the COVID pandemic. This is in addition to commitments this year to buy vital ventilators, laparoscopic surgery equipment, pulmonary testing, and educational simulation software, among several other items.

All of this greatly helps keep our regional hospital at the forefront as a centre of health care excellence in our community and region. As the Foundation continues to celebrate 50 years of service, we are more aware than ever that every gift counts just as much as it has every year since 1970.

Please join me in supporting this vital equipment. To donate, you can complete the reply card provided and sign the enclosed gift tag that will be displayed on our Christmas trees in the Hospital, possibly in memory or support of a loved one. Alternatively, you can donate online at

With appreciation and best wishes for you to remain safe and healthy during the season ahead,


Dr. Harold Cook, Chair
Yarmouth Hospital Foundation