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Did you know that ultrasound for medical purposes has been used for over 85 years? Ultrasound is one of the most effective diagnostic tools available to help a doctor look inside their patients to detect and diagnose a variety of diseases and conditions quickly, painlessly and safely.

Unfortunately, hospital equipment—just like any other machine—reaches a point where it becomes less reliable, more expensive to maintain, or is simply eclipsed by new, better technology. That's the point our diagnostic imaging department is at right now.

That's why I'm asking for your help to replace the 14 year old machine currently in use at our hospital. While it still functions it's well past its "best before" date, according to Randy Wallace, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging.


"The steadily growing demand for Ultrasound imaging means it's one of the most important pieces of equipment on our list. In the skilled hands of our ultrasound technologists, the new machines are able to produce sharper more detailed images than ever before. This helps Radiologists diagnose with greater accuracy and assists tremendously with procedures such as Ultrasound guided biopsies of breast, liver and prostate for example." says Randy.

As you know, a generous community can have a significant impact on local health care. Recently, our annual Spring Gala raised $56,000 towards the purchase of this new ultrasound. We're off to a great start, however we still have to raise $129,000 to fulfill our pledge to fund the new machine.

You can make your donation now by using the secure "Donate Now" link above, or by calling the Foundation at 902-749-1669 or by mailing your cheque today to the Yarmouth Hospital Foundation, PO Box 7, Yarmouth NS B5A 4B1.

Please join me in making a donation towards the purchase of this vital piece of equipment. Every dollar donated counts!


Don Cook, Chair
Yarmouth Hospital Foundation

PS   Hearing that you care and will continue to support your regional health centre might just be the sweetest sound of all!